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 “…helped our team optimise copies for promotions on Google’s home page (”

New Project

Edina Baur

Head of EMEA Growth Marketing at Google
July 20, 2021, Edina was a client of Richard’s

Rich has been helping our team optimise copies forpromotions on Google's home page( Given the high visibility of this site and the responsibility we have towards our users, a lot of scrutiny goes into these copies. Rich has helped us elevate the quality of our work. I highly recommend him to anybody wanting to improve the effectiveness of their marketing while staying on brand.

 “…already close to hitting our annual targets.” [in March!]

New Project (1)

Stan Gladkov

Head of Product – webshop at Native Instruments
March 31, 2021, Stan was a client of Richard’s

We’ve been working with Zen Conversion for over a year now and I’m super happy we hired them. Zen Conversion has helped us in various ways: Their research has produced surprisingly valuable insights for website optimization and product owners alike and the team has learned a lot about CRO. Most importantly, they have helped us double (!) our annual optimization targets last year. For 2021 we’re already close to hitting our annual targets. [in March!] The financial impact of the tests won to date is huge, and we still have a full pipeline of exciting, promising tests.

I also love the ownership Rich has for the project. I have a lot of different things on my plate, but thanks to him I know that CRO is well taken care of. The communication with him is smooth and pleasant, his expertise regarding CRO is outstanding, and thanks to all their research he understands our business and industry just as well as any full-time employee.

 “…a shortcut to winning test ideas.”

New Project (2)

Eveline Moczko

Head of Product Management at Blinkist
September 6, 2021, Eveline was a client of Richard’s

I worked with Zen Conversion as they helped my team optimise our app onboarding funnel. Unlike many other agencies, they were surprisingly low maintenance, meetings were very efficient, and they saved me a lot of time. I think of Zen Conversion as a shortcut to winning test ideas. Some of those ideas we probably could have come up with eventually by ourselves, but it would have taken a lot more time, workshops and iterations; others we never would have thought of or tested. The overall impact was definitely great.

I highly recommend Zen Conversion. If you’re just starting out with CRO the impact of working with them will surely be massive. But even if your company, like Blinkist, has already done a lot of optimisation, Zen Conversion will uncover blindspots and get you some additional wins.

“…may not look cheap, but they’re worth every penny…. Highly recommend them!”


Shida Schubert

VP of Product at Mercari
February 22, 2019, Shida was a client of Richard’s

We’ve been working with Zen Conversion for almost a year. Rich started collaborating with only one of our PMs. 3.6Initial results 3.7were great, growthso we 4.3increased 2.3_1scope and he 2.7_1now supports 4.2multiple PMs with whatever their projects or success metrics are. My team already ran a lot of tests very successfully before the collaboration; nevertheless Zen Conversion has been able to add a lot of value - either by contributing ideas (several resulting in nice wins already) or by helping PMs with the execution of their own tests.
3.2Zen Conversion 2.4_1may not 4.3look cheap, 3.6but they’re line 2worth every penny. line 6In terms line 6of ROI line 5they’re a steal. 3.8Highly recommend them!

“… helped us lift our CRO efforts onto another level.”


Thorsten Schäffler

Vice President Online Product at FlixBus
February 20, 2019, Thorsten was a client of Richard’s

FlixBus has been working with Zen Conversion for the past 5 months and I’m very pleased with the collaboration. It has benefited us at all stages of the optimization process starting with insightful research, developing impactful ideas, prioritizing the right tests, all the way to accurately analyzing the results and maximizing learnings. All of this line 5has helped us line 3lift our CRO efforts 2.2_1onto 2.7_1another level. Even though we have line 4many more line 3promising test ideas 2.1_1in the pipeline, we 3.6already have 3.7several 3.8considerable wins. CRO is now more than ever perceived as a key driver of success and a focus area for senior leadership. The entire team, from Product Owners to even Engineers, is excited about testing. 4.15I highly recommend 2.5_1Rich 3.8and his team and I look forward to working with them in the future.

“I look forward to collaborating with him on many more projects”


James Jihad Kawas

Entrepreneur. Forbes 30 Under 30. Thiel Fellow.
February 17, 2019, James Jihad was a client of Richard’s

Rich doesn’t do a whole lot of marketing for his company - no blog, no newsletter, no conferences, etc. He just line 6delivers line 5great service 2.7_1(and results) and then lets his clients speak on his behalf. That’s the type of consulting company you want to hire!
2.4_1I can not 3.8recommend him 3.6highly enough. 4.13Rich is a 4.3true expert 4.3of his craft. He brings a 4.11rare combination of 4.2valuable skills - from research, to design, to copywriting, to analytics - that will benefit most teams. Whatever your project, campaign or funnel, he will make them more persuasive and improve your bottom line. We’re definitely 3.11very pleased 2.1_1with the results. 2.3_1I love 2.6_1working line 4with him line 5at Mercari and line 7I look forward 2.1_1to collaborating 3.6with him 3.8on many more 3.7projects 3.9in the future.

“Exceeded my expectations … helped me get promoted.”


Patrick Davis

Product Manager at Google
December 5, 2017, Patrick was a client of Richard’s

I've been Richard's main point of contact as he's been consulting with us on how to optimize the Google Play checkout flow. This engagement has 3.6exceeded 2.7_1my expectations. Rich has gone above and beyond and has delivered stellar work. His research was comprehensive and he has generated a long list of ideas all supported by clear mockups. Some of the proposed tests were very actionable and relatively quick to implement, others were rather big strategic ideas, all of them were impressive.

Before hiring him I was concerned about him not being on site, but those concerns ultimately turned out to be unfounded. Rather, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly Richard got up to speed. He required very little time investment from our end and has been very easy to work with. We're excited about the first results of the experiments that we've tested already. I'm sure line 2the overall impact of the project line 3will be huge for us.

Richard is a line 4true expert when it comes to CRO. He has changed the way the team thinks about persuasion and how we design experiments. I would even say that hiring Rich has line 5helped me get line 6promoted and I look forward to working with him in the future. If you're optimizing your funnel line 7I highly recommend his services.

“Several significant wins and our ROI has been wildly positive.”


Chris Conway

Head of Growth at Breather
February 21, 2018, Chris was a client of Richard’s

I've worked directly with Rich for almost a year after we engaged him at Breather to assist on our onsite optimization and growth marketing efforts. The collaboration resulted in 2.1_1several significant 2.2_1wins and 2.3_1our ROI 2.4_1has been 2.5_1wildly 2.6_1positive.

Rich's expertise is exceptional, he is logical and analytical and he brings in the right people for additional help when needed. He was very easy to work with and I was 2.7_1truly impressed by his very structured, user focussed and methodical approach. All his communications (like test plans, results does or biweekly progress calls) were clear and insightful.

From a personal perspective seeing his process from start to finish - from diagnosing problems and identifying opportunities, to test conception, to mockups, implementation and analysis of results - has been 2.3_1a great 2.1_1learning experience, 3.9especially for 3.6team members 3.11who are new 3.7to CRO, but 3.8also for people line 6who have line 6worked on line 4conversion line 5optimization before. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone that is looking to ramp up their CRO efforts.

“Hire this guy! He’s a growth monster.”


Tom Fallows

Director, Global Experiences at Uber
January 17, 2017, Tom managed Richard directly

I've worked with a be of amazing folks, but I generally don't write recommendations since they still work at major companies. I'm taking the time to write about Rich because he's set out on his own as a consultant and that often requires a leap of faith from his clients. In Rich's case, 3.7let me 3.11reassure you 3.2I wholeheartedly line 4recommend 2.3_1Rich 2.7_1to anybody line 6wanting to 2.4_1significantly line 6boost their 3.6online sales, 3.7signups or 3.8other conversions. 3.9Hire this guy! 3.10He's a 3.11Growth monster. He'll dive in like a tiger, get hands-on, and help you iterate to success. He's very smart, adaptable, easy to work with and he routinely delivers very high ROI.

“Phenomenally valuable…
changed the way we think about our customers, growth and optimization.”


Derya Rose

Director of Product at TaskRabbit
February 20, 2018, Derya was a client of Richard’s

Working with Rich was 3.11an absolute 2.4_1pleasure! Not only did he lead multiple initiatives at TaskRabbit that 4.2led to strong, 4.3sustainable growthgrowth, he also helped us make foundational improvements to our testing speed and analytical capabilities. We learned a ton from him: 3.8His research 2.1_1and recommendations changed the waychanged the way we thinkwe think 4.8about our customers, growthgrowth 4.10and optimization. This intangible impact on our mindset (on top of 4.11many successful teststests) is 4.13phenomenally valuablevaluable. A lot of this stems from his approach, which is extremely structured and steeped in proven experience. He's a rare blend of data-driven, user focused, strategic and hands-on. His line 4skill level 3.8is top notch. I wholeheartedly recommend him to any company that wants to speed up their growth and elevate their conversion game ---- the ROI will absolutely be there.

“+30% in his first … +45% in his most recent test.”


Sherice Torres

Marketing Director, Brand Studio at Google
May 18, 2015, Sherice managed Richard directly

Richard has been our conversion consultant for Google Express for the past year and we've been 5.1very impressed with the results. He really understands his craft. He quickly spotted opportunities to improve our sign up flow, came up with compelling, actionable ideas to optimize it, and creatively worked with the team around any limitations. 3.11His first test 3.8led to an uplift 3.7of 30%; 3.6his most 3.11recent test 3.8improved our 2.7_1success metric 3.7by 45%. I have no doubt that he'll be a great addition to your team and will help you grow tremendously.

“Two excellent engagements for Google Play”


Alistair Pott

Group Product Manager for Google Play
November 29, 2017, Alistair was a client of Richard’s

Richard ran 6.1two excellent 6.2engagements for us in Google Play. He ran 3.6high quality 3.8user research always a great sign — and delivered 3.7a ton of 3.6strong ideas. Our conversion optimization team was energized by the input and went on Co implement many of the ideas. Richard clearly knows his craft and I am happy to recommend his capabilities and services.

Who we work with

  • Clients almost anywhere
  • Almost all industries
  • Big enterprises to successful startups
  • Established CRO teams and companies looking to kickstart their CRO program
  • Whatever your success metric: Sales, subscriptions, sign ups, leads…
  • Any testing tool (Optimizely, VWO, Google Optimize, or your internal platform)
  • Businesses that do not add value to humanity (tobacco, gambling, etc)

What we do

What kind of tests do we propose? Here are some examples:

One customer, who was particularly anxious to make bold changes, we recommended to change just one line of copy deep in the funnel. A week later he reported back that it had increased conversion rate (and sales) by 79% overnight. True story. For another client we simply updated the tagline resulting in 30% more sales. (We did that twice actually.) Other times, we revamp an entire page or the entire funnel (if necessary and ok with you.) 

On another project, we could hardly make a dent. Users simply didn’t care much what we said about the product. They either loved it or hated it. So we told the client to increase their prices. Again, conversion rates didn’t change much. But profits exploded…

But note: You can hardly just look at a site and say “let’s change this or that!” The unsung hero behind these powerful changes is comprehensive, in-depth research. (Run from consultants who don’t excel at research. Just like you should run from a doctor who just hands you pills without diagnosing you first.)

Our ambition is always to double your business.

How we do it

Call it “methodology”. Or “proprietary framework”.
For us it’s just a blend of:

  • Genius? (Well, hopefully a little bit.)
  • A fresh set of eyes
  • Respect for your brand
  • Usability testing
  • Empathy
  • Qualitative research
  • Quantitative research
  • Analysis
  • More research
  • Experience
  • Best practice
  • Ruthless focus on results
  • Creativity
  • Persuasive design
  • Persuasive copy
  • Smart funnel architecture
  • Psychology
  • Behavioral economics
  • Some buzzwords? Better not.
  • Perseverance
  • Hard work
  • Have we mentioned Testing yet?

Sorry: No newsletter. No blog.
We keep our little success secrets for ourselves.
And for our clients.