Strategic CRO workshops for
established B2B businesses are back!


Join our conversion rate optimization (CRO) workshop and simply listen in – or participate, ask questions, and get personalized, detailed help from a persuasion and AB testing expert on how to take your website optimization to another level.

Make sure your CRO efforts are set up for success, avoid common mistakes, identify blindspots, and learn how to speed up your testing and how to find the changes that really move the needle!


Who attends

  • Role: CMO, Head of Growth, Head of Marketing, Head of Ecommerce, Head of Product, and other roles responsible for growth in general or conversion rate optimization
  • Business type: Attendees will mostly be SaaS companies (like Hotjar, Xero) but also other solution and service providers (like Google Ads, Stripe, Wise etc), manufacturers, and moreNote: Our approach has been proven to work for 100s of companies across many different industries!
  • Revenue: $10M+
  • Marketing Budget: $1M+
  • Expertise: You’ve already been running AB-tests for a while (with tools like Optimizely, ABTasty, VWO, etc). You probably have gotten some good wins, but you know you could get more out of it. (If you’re not very deep into CRO yet, you’ll definitely want to attend.)

Your challenges

  • You’re already doing the usual (AdWords, SEO, Email, FB ads etc), but on-site conversion could be better
  • CPCs have been rising, budget is tight, and you’re trying to lower CPAs
  • You have a ton of things on your plate
  • Making changes on the site is not easy or takes too long
  • You have many ideas on what could be improved, but don’t have enough resources, or you’re not sure what will really move the needle



You want to

  • Get feedback on your ideas or website from a CRO expert
  • Connect with other marketing and product leaders like you
  • Lower your Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Unlock the next level of growth for your business
  • Make sure your CRO efforts are set up for success
  • Speed up your testing
  • Avoid common mistakes (made even by seasoned CRO teams)
  • Discover your blindspots and spot low hanging fruit
  • Learn how to get to the big ideas that really move the needle
  • Put another success story on your resume

“This workshop was tremendously valuable. I can’t believe they’re not
charging thousands for this yet.”

Paul Jeszenszky, Former Head of Growth at Airbnb

Get the insights that have helped us grow companies like:

Our approach has been proven to work for 100s of companies across many different industries.

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